A five paragraph expository essay might appear like the easiest assignment you will ever have to sit through. However, it is the most technical paper there is to write. Its size does not denote the work required to complete it. The expectations of completing such a paper are huge. It is easier to flop in this assignment than when required to complete hundreds of pages and paragraphs. Here is an easy trick to use.

Choose a Topic

The topic you choose directs your actions from research to drafting and conclusion. It determines how effective you are in handling the issues at hand. Your topic should be specific enough to be handled within five paragraphs. Some topics are too wide meaning that the content cannot fit within five paragraphs. Be selective and deliberate in your wording to effectively represent your intentions.


A short essay might appear as though it does not need research. You will still be required to use facts in your exposition. Further, make your details unique and strong. This is only possible through extensive reading to better understand the topic at hand. It saves you from repeating what has already been said by other writers. It also gives you new ideas and perspectives different from what you had initially thought about during conception of the idea.

Draw an Outline

The length of this paper demands the most elaborate planning. The first paragraph is used for the introduction and the last to conclude. This means that all your ideas must be concentrated in three paragraphs. To effectively do this, you require the strongest points and precise wording. You also need to be systematic since you have no room for extensive maneuver. An outline will ensure that you pick the strongest ideas to make your case.


Drafting is done after thorough research. It is time to put your ideas to paper. Set the sections professionally ensuring that relevant information appears on the title, introduction, body and conclusion. Use the right and consistent formatting style. Ensure that you capture relevant vocabulary to make your work meaningful.

Edit and Proofread

Editing helps to eliminate errors that distort arguments and reduce the quality of your work. External writing help is a great option if you’re running out of time and cannot proofread my college essay on your own. It ensures that your essay captures your thoughts and desires using the correct words and phrases. Go through the paper again before submitting it.