An argumentative essay assignment requires you to investigate the topic of gay marriage, collect and generate evidence and facts, and persuade your readers that this is unethical. In this type of writing, you need to provide your own arguments against this type of union, as well as to refute the opposing position. To compose a decent paper, use the following guidelines and suggestions.

Guidelines on How to Compose Your Argumentative Essay

  1. Understand the purpose of the assignment.
  2. You need to provide the readers with a comprehensive summary of the issue under study while explaining why you argue against gay marriage.

  3. Learn helpful methodology of argumentative writing.
  4. It’s a good idea to get a relevant writing manual in the school’s writing center to figure out how to evaluate the material about the topic critically, how to lead the audience toward a logical conclusion, and what common mistakes to avoid.

  5. Narrow down your topic.
  6. Writing about cons of gay marriage is a broad topic, so it’s recommended to pick something more specific, e.g. describe the situation in your local community or analyze a new initiative of the state senators.

  7. Come up with a concise thesis statement.
  8. You need to clearly indicate that you don’t support gay marriage in your thesis. It’s a good idea to compose a cause and effect claim or a claim about policy solutions.

  9. Think of supporting statements.
  10. You need to pick three-four statements that will support your position. Then, do some research to find the evidence and examples to make your writing sound more persuasive.

  11. Apply final touches.
  12. To prepare your essay for submission, revise it looking for grammar issues and checking for problems with the formatting.

Suggestions on How to Argue against Gay Marriage

  • Claim that gay union harms the institution of traditional marriage.
  • Point out that the purpose of marriage to give birth to children, and a same-sex couple can’t have kids.
  • State that legalizing such kind of relationship would change thousands of years of traditions.
  • Consider the negative reaction of religious institutions and organizations that may be forced to marry same-sex couples.
  • Predict that legalizing gay marriage may lead to incest, polygamy, and other kinds of unnatural relationships.
  • Explain how untraditional relationship may affect children and what the chances are that they won’t be able to build strong relationships in the future.
  • Write that gay marriage is as good as a civil union, so it doesn’t make sense to allow same-sex marriage.