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In order to come up with a good essay composition, you need to have enough information about the subject matter you are going to discuss. Have as many academic reference s as possible. This will make your work appear credible to your supervisor. For every idea that you borrow from another scholar, ensure that the source is cited accurately to avoid being accused of plagiarism. The sources that you use to inform your discussion have to be relevant to the subject of your study.

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For very long essay, you may consider subdividing the main body of your essay under sub titles. This way, the reader will know what subject matter you are discussing at a time. For such long essays, sub titles make it easier to peruse the essay unlike when it is written in continuous prose.

The final presentation of your work is also very important. Find out from your supervisor their expected requirements with regards to the font size and style, the margins, cover page etc. this are very important elements of your essay composition. You want your work to be as attractive as possible.