Writing an essay about yourself and your family can actually be quite fun if you know how to tackle the question. Don’t just think “I can pay myessay writer“, continue reading on to find out how to write about yourself and your family if you need to write an essay on this.


Start off with a strong introduction. It should be such that the reader will want to continue reading on. You can start off by telling something unique and funny about yourself and your family. Introduce yourself and your family. You can specify how many brothers and sisters you have and in what order they come. You can introduce them by names in the introduction. It may be a good idea to write something in the introduction that encourages the reader to want to read on and find out more about it. For instance, you can state in the introduction how an event changed the lives of you and your family members but explain this event later on.


Over here you can start by writing about yourself. State your qualifications and what you like to do. You can tell about something exciting that has happened to you in your life. Write about the relation you have with your family.
Allot a separate paragraph for every family member. You can start off with your father, then mother and then go from the eldest sibling to the youngest. Tell about what your family members do. You can mention funny characteristics or events that have occurred in the lives of your family members.
After telling about yourself and your family, you can tell about some vital events that have occurred in your lives that helped shape you as a family. If you have any hostilities present with certain family members, and you wish to tell about them, you can do it here.


In the conclusion, you may tell how the relationship between you and your family has been able to shape you as a person. If you have any problems with any of your family members, in the conclusion you can write about how these may change in the future. It is a good idea to leave the reader in some suspense.

The above explanation is a way that you can tackle a paper that is concerned with yourself and your family. Take out some time to make a plan of how you will tackle the essay before starting writing on it.