Narrative essays play out like a story as portrayed through the eyes of the storyteller. It unfolds an important event that has some significance for the writer and offers a window into their world as well as their mind.

Instructions on Writing a Narrative Essay

  • Read Other Narrative Works
  • To make the writing process easier on yourself, especially in the case of this assignment, you would do well to read up on some narrative works to get an idea of how to write one, and perhaps maybe even decide on an event that you would like to talk about in your paper. Reading other narratives also gives you a sense of this kind of article and how it can be distinguished from other kinds.

  • Write Down Your Ideas
  • Once you have a grasp of what a narrative paper requires, you can begin to jot down the ideas that your have for your assignment. Decide on the event you would like to discuss, write down the details of the event and the order in which everything occurred. You can also figure out the perfect ending for it and how you would want it to be brought about.

  • Start Writing
  • With your ideas laid out in the best possible manner, begin the writing process. The event you wish to discuss is clear in your mind, how it must be chronologically lead through has also been established, and the ending and any lessons learned are also crystal clear to you. Pen everything down, but make sure that you do it in the first person narrative so that the essay gains its essence.

  • Correct Any Mistakes
  • Now that your paper is written and done with, it does not entail that you hit the print button and get ready to submit your assignment. It is crucial at this point that you re-read your paper and get rid of any errors, big or small. The smallest of errors make you seem careless and gives the teacher an excuse to dock marks from your paper.
    There is always a way to make a seemingly boring and sometimes difficult tasks exceedingly fun, exciting and most importantly easy. Your narrative can become as easy an assignment as you want it to be, as long as you put some thought and effort into it.