Being an essayist who focuses on the cause and effect style of writing requires you to be knowledgeable in the creation of good outlines. In order to master such a format, you will need to know the following things:

It’s not one or the other

When you start creating an outline you must remember that your essay will be expected to have a certain amount of balance. If the focus is on how one factor causes another, you need to be just as clear about the resultant effects. If not, you will end up writing a causal relationship and nothing more.

It can be highly scientific

While many types of writing deal with how things are related and how they interact, in this case you would have the chance to support your findings in a highly scientific way. Every paragraph can serve a logical purpose in showing the connections that you want the reader to be able to establish on his or her own.

It requires appropriate research

In order for that level of scientific rigor to be established and maintained, you will need to engage in research. Whatever factors you believe are linked by cause and effect will need trustworthy studies that imply something similar. There are studies that you may feel like using which are clearly biased in favor of the point you intend to make. Those are not what you need. The paper you put forward should be clearly objective and factual if you want it to be taken seriously.

It gets easier if you use a template

While your writing may be perfectly good, a template makes the outline process both faster and easier. Templates show you where every piece of your writing has to go and some will remind you that you’ve left something out before allowing you to progress to the next stage. This is a personal choice however. Many writers do quite well without them.

The better topic usually yields the better essay

The first step to outlining and creating an amazing paper is making sure that you have chosen the best possible topic to write about. This is best done under relaxed circumstances long before a deadline approaches.

The outlining process is simple once you get the hang of it and that can only happen with regular practice.